100th Annual Hunger Games

Nom. Game



District 1: Rose Sadenbar, Petra Pamsi; District 2: Sandie Sorrer, Cerren Switzer; District 3: Justin Jerbere, Zeina Arwyn; District 4: Neelam Markcs, Edlyn Anca; District 5: Julius Dominica, Kristabel Renata; Disrict 6: Alondra Adrettasone, Berilo Ephrium; District 7, Yahto Grassnat, Avonmora Amoni; District 8, Zelda Manglos, Marko Telm; District 9, Barrot Iagho, Andi Caiter; District 10, Effie Adogi, Andrew Seeper; District 11: Kapreesh Conifer, Han Ransett; District 12: Peretta Khandi, Aaron Everstar


Kapreesh Conifer


5 weeks



First Killed

Rose Sadenbar

Last Killed

Petra Pamsi

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